Following on from the popular Blostma Birth Flower print is now an opportunity to commission a bespoke original with all your chosen flowers, foliage and herbs.

Choose from Birth Flowers, The Language of Flowers or simply favourite and sentimental blooms.

All adorning an elegant gold hoop.

January: Snowdrop - Hope, fascination, distinction, and love


February: Violet - Faithfulness


March: Daffodil - Rebirth, Domestic Happopiness, Respect, Regard and Friendship


April: Daisy - Innocence, Motherhood and New Beginnings


May: Hawthorn - Hope, happiness, humility, and sweetness


June: Rose - Love


July: Larkspur - First Love, lightness and levity


August: Poppy - Peace and Moral Integrity


September: Morning Glory - Daintiness, Love and Magic


October: Marigolds - Winning Grace, Protection, Comfort and Healing


November: Chrysanthemum - Compassion, Friendship, Joy and Cheerfulness


December: Poinsetta - Good Cheer and Success


"And Rosemary for Luck'


You can also choose any of below sentiments.


First Emotions of Love - Lilac 

Love - Red Rose  

Joy in Love & Life - Cosmos

Joy - Oregano 

Delicate Pleasures - Sweetpea

I Will Never Forget You - Pink Carnation

Happiness in Marriage - Stephanotis

Marriage & Fidelity - Ivy 

Gallentry - Sweet William

Cure for Broken Heart - Yarrow

Courage & Strength - Thyme

Strength - Fennel

Think of Me - Pansy 

Remembrance & Luck - Rosemary

Faith - Passionflower 

Beloved Daughter - Cinquefoil  

Childhood - Primrose 

Childbirth - Dittany

True Friendhship - Oak Leaf Geranium 

Friendship & Devotion - Alstroemeria

Beauty in Retirement / Friendship - Acacia

Happy Home - Sage

Item comes wrapped in tissue paper and is posted in a hard back envelope.


IMPORTANT INFO: This is a custom, hand painted original so please allow 2-4 weeks for completion. 

Original Blostma Watercolour Garland