A4 Custom floral print of your loved one's birth flowers arranged in a pretty posy with the meanings below.



January: Snowdrop - Hope, fascination, distinction, and love


February: Violet - Faithfulness


March: Daffodil - Rebirth, Domestic Happopiness, Respect, Regard and Friendship


April: Daisy - Innocence, Motherhood and New Beginnings


May: Hawthorn - Hope, happiness, humility, and sweetness


June: Rose - Love


July: Larkspur - First Love, lightness and levity


August: Poppy - Peace and Moral Integrity


September: Morning Glory - Daintiness, Love and Magic


October: Marigolds - Winning Grace, Protection, Comfort and Healing


November: Chrysanthemum - Compassion, Friendship, Joy and Cheerfulness


December: Poinsetta - Good Cheer and Success


"And Rosemary for Luck'


You can also choose any of below sentiments.


Peony - Honour, Happiness and Fortune

First Emotions of Love - Lilac 

Love - Red Rose  

Joy in Love & Life - Cosmos

Joy - Oregano 

Delicate Pleasures - Sweetpea

I Will Never Forget You - Pink Carnation

Happiness in Marriage - Stephanotis

Marriage & Fidelity - Ivy 

Gallentry - Sweet William

Cure for Broken Heart - Yarrow

Courage & Strength - Thyme

Strength - Fennel

Think of Me - Pansy 

Remembrance & Luck - Rosemary

Faith - Passionflower 

Beloved Daughter - Cinquefoil  

Childhood - Primrose 

Childbirth - Dittany

True Friendhship - Oak Leaf Geranium 

Friendship & Devotion - Alstroemeria

Beauty in Retirement / Friendship - Acacia

Happy Home - Sage



Every Blostma posy comes with illustrated 'Rosemary for Luck' as foliage.


Item comes wrapped in tissue paper and is posted in a hard back envelope.


IMPORTANT INFO: All pieces are made to order and will take a minimium of a week before it is ready to be shipped.